Daiwa Steez Chiquita Frog, 3.8 cm, 6.2 g

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Finally – a small frog, that can also be inhaled by our domestic perch. With only 38mm body length this lure also imitates larger insects and can be brought to action while remaining almost at the spot due to the deep front cup and the long skirt. Perfect for very slow walk the dog action. The reduced buoyancy cares for a better hooking rate.

The Chiquita Frog with the color "Spring Wakasagi" features tinsel skirts – all other models feature silicone skirts.

  • Hook: SaqSas double hook
  • Diving type: top water
  • Presentation technique: jerkbaiting
  • Target fishes: perch, asp
  • Lead-free design
More Information
Length38 mm
TypeTop water
Weight6.2 g
Owner RB-04, 50 mm Previous Owner RB-04, 50 mm
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