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The new Lexa E LT is another reel with an aluminium body from the LT (Light & Tough) series providing excellent, non-deformable support for the powerful mechanism. The extremely soft, light action improves the feel of the lure, which is important when spinning for pike, zander and perch. The aluminium body is extremely robust, making it ideal for feeder fishing with heavy sets that regularly create heavy loads when retrieved.

The MagSealed design prevents water and dirt particles from entering the body through the main axle, eliminating the corrosion that is inevitably associated with this phenomenon. Combined with 5 CRBB bearings, this reel is also ideal for fishing in the sea. The 6000 size is ideally suited to fishing for cod and saithe with light pilkers in the Baltic Sea and Norway.

The aluminium Longcast ABS spool provides less resistance to the line when casting thanks to the innovative edge design, significantly increasing the distances achieved. Special shallow spools are ideal for the use of braided lines.

Modern gear design Tough Digigear enables better power transmission and higher load resistance. The ATD brake provides consistent braking power and eliminates the higher initial resistance usually encountered.

  • LT (Light & Tough)
  • Aluminum body HARDBODYZ®
  • Reel axle protected with MAGSEALED®
  • 5 Ball Bearings "CRBB®"
  • TOUGH DIGIGEAR® mechanism
  • Braking system ATD™
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse®
  • Cross Wrap® - cross winding of the line
  • Silent Oscillation® System
  • Aluminum spool Longcast ABS®
  • Milled CNC aluminum crank handle
  • Soft-Touch
  • Guide roller Twist Buster® II
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