Daiwa Caldia Sensor Jig

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The Caldia Sensor Jig models with 3k woven carbon fiber handle section feature an extra-fast taper action.

The carbon fiber handle section offers great advantages especially when fishing at warmer temperatures and with thin clothing: Lure action, contact to the bottom or soft taps of the fishes are transmitted straightly to the lower arm by the Sensor Jig! Thanks to the carbon fiber handle section every information is forwarded directly to the arm. Additionally, these rods allow utmost accurate scanning of the bottom structure.

Further advantages of this special design are an optimal rod balance, a great surface feel and an extraordinary look of the handle.

  • HMC+® carbon fiber blank
  • Upside-down carbon surface
  • Spigot put over joint
  • Cork / carbon fiber grip
  • Fuji® Skeleton reel seat
  • Seaguide® Zirconia guides
More Information
Rod sections2
Rod transport123 cm
Test (g)35 g
Length2.4 m
Weight150 g
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