Cormoran Power Creek UL

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Developed for sensitive fishing with ultra light baits. The special design of the rod tip is used for sensitive bite detection and also reliably indicates fine bites.
The modern Power Creek carbon fiber rods are the ideal series for price-conscious predator anglers who demand excellent product performance without breaking the bank. Thanks to the IM6 carbon fiber technology, Cormoran has succeeded in developing predatory fish rods with quick actions even in this price category, which are suitable for setting the scene for modern artificial baits in a very attractive way.

  • IM6 carbon fiber blank
  • dynamic action
  • EVA handle
  • integral screw reel seat
  • SiC rings
  • fabric sheath
More Information
Rod sections2
Rod transport94 cm
Test (g)14 g
Length1.8 m
Weight80 g
Shimano Sonora SW Match Previous Shimano Sonora SW Match
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