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The FX reel - great choice for new anglers, FX is designed and produced by the world’s leading reel company, which is a great guarantee of quality and reliability. If you are new to fishing you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you do want to make sure the reel you buy is a good choice. With 2 ball bearings, a roller bearing and Shimano’s famous gears, the FX will offer you smoothness and reliably for many years. In fact you will probably have traded up to a more expensive model before your FX starts to run out of steam! And just so you know you are making a great choice when buying the FX, it also has some great technical touches like a strong XT-7 Body, and an AR-C long casting spool design, which is made out of aluminium not cheap plastic. It might not have a big price tag, but the FX certainly has the quality and credibility that Shimano is known for around the world.

  • The ideal choice for an angler who is just starting fishing
  • 2 stainless ball bearings plus a roller bearing
  • Strong XT-7 body to overcome misplaced handling
  • Aluminium AR-C spool design for smoother and more accurate casting
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