Shimano Beastmaster FX

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The Beastmaster spinning range is renewed: a complete new style, new (improved) blank and new components while still delivering beautiful moderate fast action which you can expect from the Beastmaster while casting and fighting fish.

  • Redesigned moderate-fast action
  • Full Carbon + Nanosheet blank in the classic Beastmaster black gloss and gold colour scheme
  • Fuji Fazlite anti-tangle K Type guides for improved blank action
  • Special custom reel seat and ergonomic cork handle complements the understated black blank perfectly
  • Available is a wide range of models to suit almost all spinning and lure methods from ultra lightweight jigging to the largest crankbaits
More Information
Rod sections2
Rod transport168 cm
Test (g)70 g
Length3.3 m
Weight204 g
Siweida WISDOM Previous Siweida WISDOM
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