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Ryobi Oasys reels have a lightweight graphite body fitted with a metal side plate for extra strength and gear support.

The stylish thick bail wire adds a touch of class, as does the ported aluminium spool finished with a carbon material underlay. The slick felt drag system can be adjusted precisely with the clicker knob. The soft handle knob is standard across all sizes.

  • Metal main cover has better intensity and durability than full graphite reel
  • Excellent line allocation mechanism guarantees even and tight line allocation reducing the impact strength among all the parts inside
  • Patented anti-reverse mechanism adopts one way clutch bearing with eight strong roller bearings providing huge instant break strength
  • All high grade anti-corrosive stanless steel bail bearings provide smooth feel
  • CNC (computer numerical control) precision machining gears guarantee excellent cooperation of each part inside even under heavy load
  • The spool is decorated with a fashionable carbon ring
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Weight276 g
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