RYOBI Ecusima Vi

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A front drag reel characterized by very smooth operation. The quality of the monofilament winding system used in this reel is equal to the quality of systems implemented in more expensive models. An ergonomic rotary handle with quick folding system increases the reel’s comfort of use. This model will positively surprise fishermen searching for a multi-purpose reel.

  • 4 ball bearings + 1 anti-reverse bearing
  • multi-disc front drag
  • FG-HGN composite body and rotor
  • monofilament cross-wind system (type S)
  • aluminium spool
  • balanced rotor
  • aluminium rotary handle
  • tubular bail
  • anti-twisting bail roller
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Weight262 g
Shimano Nasci C Previous Shimano Nasci C
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