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Mepps Lusox are classic rotating pike fishing lures with interchangeable weight heads. They are equipped with silver and gold-colored blades, which have a complex configuration, thanks to which when rotating create a powerful wave motion in the water - actively " pushes the water ". This is a truly unique quality of Mepps Lusox, because the angle of deflection of the blade when rotating (slow enough) does not exceed 25 °. The only problem when using this very catchy blades - mastering the correct retrieve speed. High and slightly accelerated rise from the bottom and the longest, slow and gentle descent. Each size of Lusox is equipped with a removable weight head, the appropriate weight. Unlike other Mepps lures, Lusox do not have a heavy core on the axle. Front weight head allows you to include a vertical component in the retreave of the lure. The lure provides the possibility of replacing the treble, which in the standard version is camouflaged with a bright red fringe. This is a very important advantage of Lusox, because pike often prefer overgrown and marshy areas of reservoirs. In this case, you can turn your lure into a "weedless" version by equipping it with either a large hook with a protective loop, or a treble with whiskers made of thin wire. In addition, the possibility of replacement allows you to equip the bait with a twister of the appropriate size, which often leads to great results. Also Lusox, used without a weight-head, is an excellent bait for fishing in the upper layers of water, on reservoirs with lush underwater vegetation. Despite the fact that it is considered to be specifically a pike lure, its small size with silver blades has proven to be an exceptionally effective grayling lure in some cases.
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Weight11.5 g
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