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Mepps offers the Black Fury as one of the most catching trout trollers. However, this Comet variety is suitable for most fish species. The angle of rotation of the blade is the same as the Comet - 45°. All varieties are equipped with blades of silver, gold, copper and black colors. Between themselves they are distinguished by the coloring of the dots on the black background of the stickers located on the outside of the blade. When rotating the blade, thanks to the colored dots of stickers and its black backing, the lure resembles a large insect. Since the lures are equipped with blades of different colors, it is always possible to choose the most successful combination. In one case, preferable will be a bright color, contrasting with the surrounding background, in another - masking (this option is very effective when hunting for cautious fish). These colors are very rich decorations of blades, recreating the visual stimuli of the most familiar victims: crickets, grasshoppers, frogs, aquatic and terrestrial larvae, minnows in mating colors.
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