Mepps Aglia Long Heavy 2, 16 g

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The classic Mepps Aglia Long has long been a "cult" lure for a large army of spinning anglers. In addition, there are many cases when experienced anglers re-equipped standard "longs" with sinkers of increased weight. Incredibly successful geometry of the petals allowed to weight the lures 1.5-2 times while fully preserving the good game! Therefore, the appearance of new HEAVY, is not only understandable, but also quite predictable event. The Mepps Aglia Long Heavy weight-core consists of a bullet-shaped body and a tail socket. It is the tail-stabilizer that provides stable horizontal movement of the lure. And not only at high speed, but also at medium speed, which in itself is already a great rarity for weighted "spinners". MEPPS recommends Heavy for catching many species of salmon, but this does not exclude their successful use when hunting for other predatory fish.
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Weight16 g
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