Mepps Aglia Long 3, 11.5 g

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The name of the lure AGLIA Long is due to the oblong shape of the blade, which has a deviation from the axis of rotation of 30° and a small drag. To be fair, it should be noted that it changes slightly, depending on the speed of retrieve. It is this feature, i.e. a very wide range of allowable speed of movement, which preserves the perfect work of the lure, and is the main secret of record catchability of AGLIA Long. Thanks to its blade and heavier weight, AGLIA Long keeps a slow and stable spin on the strongest currents. Recommended for tight currents, fast and deep water, and for fishing against the current. Good also for use in lakes when hunting bottom predators that do not respond to fast-moving baits.
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Weight11.5 g
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