Daiwa PROREX Flat Bait 100MR, 100 mm, 21 g

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The compact and high body shape of the Prorex Flat Bait displays an irresistible silhouette, especially for pike. The body is strongly flanking from side to side during retrieve. Due to this action it produces strong vibrations under water to wake up and attract the predators even over great distances. The Flat Bait shows its optimal action also at slow speeds and thus is also perfectly suited for ‘lazy’ fish in cold waters. Ideal for fishing in weedy areas!

More Information
Diving depth (m)1.40 m
Length100 mm
Weight21 g
Strike Pro Buster II Deep Crankbait EG-049LL Previous Strike Pro Buster II Deep Crankbait EG-049LL
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