Daiwa Legalis Ultra-Light Spin

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The Legalis Ultra-Light spinning rods are equipped with a fine tubular tip and thus a fast tip action - ideal for fishing for perch, chub and trout with small shads or hardbaits from 2g on.

During the fight with the fish, the well balanced HVF carbon fiber blanks show a semi-parabolic action and ensure maximum fighting fun!

  • HVF® carbon fiber blank
  • Reliable spigot joint
  • Premium EVA grip
  • Ergonomic reel seat
  • Tubular tip
  • Titanium oxide guides
More Information
Rod sections2
Rod transport103 cm
Test (g)12 g
Length1.9 m
Weight85 g
Daiwa Ninja X Ultra-Light Spin Previous Daiwa Ninja X Ultra-Light Spin
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