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Exist LT – The future of modern reel technology!

The novel Airdrive design paves the way for DAIWAs future reel technology and offers smooth running and sensitivity you have never experienced bevor. Due to reduced weight of rotor, spool and bail, a softer rotation without starting resistance is enabled, which guarantees an optimally smooth running.

The Exist LT is the first reel within the DAIWA range, which is equipped with the latest Airdrive concept. The reduction of the rotor‘s weight ensures you need less effort for starting, as well as faster stopping and thus quicker responses to different retrieving situations.

We reduced wall thickness as well as unnecessary weight within the Airdrive spool – in combination with the reduced weight of the rotor and the bail, this improves the reel balance and thus enables better lure control.

In contrast to common spinning reels, DAIWA developed a Low-Contact structure between axis and pinion gear – the Airdrive Shaft. Due to implementing this technology, friction gets reduced and the super soft and silent running is optimized.

The Airdrive concept is a combination of these elements, which enables the construction of extremely-lightweight and sensitive spinning reels.

The Airdrive bail is the next evolutionary step within bail design and assimilates perfectly to the Airdrive concept. DAIWA constructed a somewhat slimmer but nevertheless loadable bail which additionally reduces weight at the reel's front. Compared to the Exist , the weight of the latest Airdrive bail is reduced by 33%.

The Twist Buster technology reduces the threat of burdensome line tangling and twist. For the Exist LT, the well-known Twist Buster II technology has been further improved to the Twist Buster III construction. Due to the new construction the compression of the line during retrieving is reduced, which results in significantly less twist.

Additionally, a MagSealed line roller has been integrated within the Exist LT, to enduringly resist highest strains even when used at sea fishing.

Sizes 2500 to 4000 are equipped with T-Shape handle knob, the smaller size 2000 contains an I-shape handle knob. Size 5000 contains a round aluminum handle knob.

  • AIRDRIVE Design
  • MQ® Monocoque magnesium reel body
  • MagSealed® body construction
  • 12 ball bearings (incl. 10 CRBB® & 2 MagSealed® BB)
  • CNC-machined TOUGH DIGIGEAR®
  • AIRDRIVE axis
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse®
  • ATD™ Type-L drag system
  • AIRDRIVE Spool
  • MagSealed® Twist Buster® III line roller
  • Made in Japan
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