Bait TX1 Pop-up Strawberry 15mm 100g Fluo-Red

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The TX1 bait range has being designed with one thing in mind, quick bites!!

TX1 Pop-ups are the perfect hookbait to use with the TX1 Boilies if you want a popped-up or critically balanced hook bait. With a range of flavours to complement the TX1 Boilie range, these highly visual baits also work well as single hookbaits or with zig rigs. Offering excellent buoyancy and flavour leakage they are available in 12mm and 15mm sizes, which offer you the versatility to use one or two baits as your hookbait. Available in four classic fish-catching flavours, the TX1 Pop-ups have something to cover all of your bait preferences.

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Bait TX1 Pop-up Strawberry 12mm 100g Fluo-Red Previous Bait TX1 Pop-up Strawberry 12mm 100g Fluo-Red
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