Daiwa Tornado-Z

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The three parts of the Tornado-Z series are the versatile fishing rods ideal for medium and heavy weight bottom and float fishing.

The three casting weight categories cover almost all areas of application of pikeperch, pike, carp, tench and eel fishing.

The High Modulus carbon fiber block fits well in the hand and thanks to the semi-parabolic action, the Blank recharges almost the entire length - ideal for throwing fragile baits, such as dough, worm, and fish, etc.

Equipped with a premium cork handle, Fuji reel seat, rings titanium oxide and of a transport sleeve.

  • HVF carbon fiber
  • X45 carbon fiber construction
  • V-Joint connector
  • Fuji SiC rings
  • Fuji reel seat
  • AAA quality cork handle
More Information
Rod sections3
Rod transport128 cm
Test (g)55 g
Length3.6 m
Weight247 g
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