Storm WildEye Live Pike, 140 mm, 38 g

Alates 9,95 €
The WildEye® Live series is the most realistic series of baits available. Internally weighted body creates an incredibly life-like swimming. The realistic color patterns and shape of the bait is backed up with 3-D holographic WildEye®, holographic swimmin’ flash foil and a tough yet soft outer body. This swimbait has a perch body and color pattern and a back VMC® needle point hook and a treble belly hook.
  • Natural color patterns
  • Secure I-Bolt system holographic WildEye®
  • Rigged with a superior VMC® needle point back hook & treble belly hook
  • Life-like swimming action
  • Tough, yet soft outer body
  • Weighted internally, for ideal swimming action
Pikkus140 mm
Kaal38 g
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