Shimano Aero BB

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The Aero BB is a great value front drag reel that offers versatile performance for float and feeder anglers, and is fitted with an anti-reverse facility. The understated graphics fit perfectly with many Shimano rods, especially the Aero float and feeder rods. If you are a match or pleasure angler looking for the best quality while working with a tight budget, the extremely affordable Aero BB reel is a great option and includes an anti-reverse facility for playing fish by back winding. Available in three sizes (3000, 4000 and 5000) to cover most float fishing situations, and ideal for light to heavy feeder fishing for larger fish like carp and bream, this reel range balances perfectly with the Aero X1 and Aero X3 rod ranges. Feeder anglers will also appreciate the easy to use round metal line clip, which is perfect for accurate casting. Inside the sleek XT-7 G Free body of the Aero BB is Shimano’s top rated Cold Forged Hagane Gear and X-Ship system. This combination is renowned for powerful efficient winding and long lasting reliability, ensuring your reel will maintain its peak performance almost indefinitely. Other features that standout are the AR-C Spool crafted from Cold Forged Aluminium for improved casting and line management, plus a handle that screws straight into the main gear for ‘play-free’ directness. And if all of these features aren’t enough to convince you about the quality and unrivalled value of the Aero BB, each model comes with a line reducer to reduce the spool capacity of the reel, making all models perfect for both mono and braided lines.

  • Exceptional value float and feeder reel with anti-reverse facility
  • Hagane Gear for ultra-smooth winding and X-Ship for increased efficiency
  • Lightweight XT-7 G-Free body for improved balance
  • Cold Forged Aluminium AR-C spool plus additional line reducer
  • Modern understated appearance fits perfectly with Aero X1 and X3 rods
  • Easy to use round metal line clip
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