RYOBI Virtus Power

Alates 43,90 €

A specialist reel, which is dedicated for ground fishing. At first glance you can see the modern spool, designed to work with braided line, without the need to use a backing. Large friction pads ensure smooth and even brake action, which translates into comfort when it comes to reeling in. The two smaller models are distinguished by a higher gear ratio, so they can be successfully used by anglers using the waggler method.

  • 4 ball bearings + 1 anti-reverse
  • precision front multi-disc brake
  • graphite composite housing and rotor
  • aluminium spool
  • computer balanced rotor
  • strong line clip
  • strong ergonomic handle
Laagrite arv4+1
Kaal285 g
RYOBI Zauber Pro Eelmine RYOBI Zauber Pro
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