RYOBI Fokamo

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The Ryobi Fokamo adopted high-grade nylon add glass fiber for raw materials, imported from Japan and anti-oxidation duralumin thick bail arm giving full play and an advantage during high intensity struggles.

With S-curve oscillation system and eccentric gear combination entangled line system, so that the fishing line will fit tightly on the spool and reduce the uptake when encountering resistance, additional increase of oriented slider bar, elimination of the impact and wear of internal components, enhanced strength, and prolonged using life.

Patented design 8 roller stainless steel one-way bearing retrogradation structure achieves a seamless, high-intensity, precision counterturn.

High-grade stainless steel ball bearing make for a smoother feel and corrosion-resistant capacity.

Precision machined large caliber duralumin spool and special brake system provide a powerful and smooth friction when fish draw out the line.

All the screws and main shaft are made of stainless steel to effectively rule out seawater corrosion and rust problems.

Transmission gear uses imported roller gear with precision machining of copper helix gear, to ensure a smooth gear surface, giving you silky-smooth performance and comfortable rotation.

  • Material: Plastic, color: black and silver
  • Style: Freshwater & Saltwater
  • High-grade nylon with the addition of glass fiber for raw materials
  • S-curve oscillation system
  • Patented design 5 roller stainless steel one-way bearing retrogradation structure
  • Precision machined large caliber duralumin spool
  • All the screws and main shaft made of stainless steel
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