RYOBI Arctica CF

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A new Ryobi Arctica CF model has a solid and durable aluminium body, and a light and composite rotor. Such combination provides it with power and lightness, features desired by spin fishermen. The implemented carbon rotary handles are approximately half as heavy, but 3 times stronger than the aluminium ones! Significant weight reduction has been obtained by spool milling. The reel drag allows for very accurate adjustment and is well protected against water and dust.

  • 8 ball bearings +1 anti-reverse bearing
  • multi-disc front drag
  • aluminium body
  • main aluminium spool
  • computer-balanced rotor
  • solid, ergonomic handle with comfortable holder
  • one-piece rotary handle
  • bail roller covered with titanium nitride.
Laagrite arv7+1
Kaal265 g
RYOBI Ecusima Vi Eelmine RYOBI Ecusima Vi
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